The FBI’s COINTELPRO (Counter Intelligence Program) has a dark and sordid history spanning three decades and four presidential administrations (1956-1971). It was a covert program of domestic terrorism and state sanctioned oppression against popular movements in the United States. Tactics ranged from illegal wire tapping to the assassination of Freddy Hampton, a member of the Black Panthers. The FBI under COINTELPRO sent Martin Luther King Jr. death threats, sabotaged the Socialist Workers Party, used their influence to terminate “communist” professors from universities, infiltrated and disrupted student groups,  undermined the civil rights movement, incited  gang warfare and many other nefarious and illegal activities. These are pages from a coloring book purportedly from the Black Panthers but actually created by the FBI in order to delegitimize the Black Nationalist organization.  The coloring book was mass mailed to white communities throughout the United States.

I can honestly say that the government did everything in their power to stop the rise of black power and liberation when it comes to the FBIs history with the Black Panthers and the BLA.

When you look at the state of America now… it makes you wonder… what would America be like if the FBI didn’t destroy everyone fighting for the black power & equal rights?

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